2010 Honda Pilot Touring 4WD

The Honda Pilot which was redesigned for 2010 moves into the 2010 model year with no significant changes it’s an 8 passenger SUV which grew up with its recent redesign and it’s an excellent one at that interestingly just as its competitors straight away from the SUV look favoring this will be crossover design Honda gave this pilot a rugged off roader pose even though it’s built on a unibody platform. My tester has the V TM 4 wheel drive system short for variable torque man. And provides electronic lock mode to deliver needed power to the rear wheels when the pilot gets stuck. Telling maxes out at an impressive 4500 pounds.

2010 Honda Pilot Touring 4WDThe engine is a 3.5 liter single overhead cam V6 with variable cylinder management meaning it can drop down to either 4 or 3 cylinders as the driving situation allows in order to save fuel it produces 250 horsepower and works through a 5 speed auto with grade logic control designed to provide smooth operation even when climbing or descending hills and the pilot is a confident quiet and comfortable cruiser with a commanding view of the road and a rock solid body giving the driver a strong sense of road ownership. Bring on the snow mode and all things modern crossover shy away from the pilot can still handle its share of off road duty. The pilots adventurous side combined with the ample towing capability are key distinguishing features. But balance is what elevates a vehicle and the pilot has that as well with generous eating and comfort yes even in the third row and a host of entertainment and utility tools to keep both the driver and passengers well taken care of.

It would be nice if the electronics interface basically a myriad of buttons and switches for everything from the rear DVD, to the climate control were made easier to use. Also new LED 2010 Honda Pilot headlight. Honda has somewhat lost their way in this regard over the past few years becoming too much like the Germans with their over kill complexity but seating management gets high marks for its ease to converting to cargo room as well as for its third row friendliness. Similar to the Mars the C acts 9 and Chevy traverse to very strong pilot competitors. Honda sells its advantages over those guys on its tidier dimensions as much as 14 inches shorter in length IE more maneuverable but it also means less cargo room and the traverse drives every bit as well as the pilot and comes with a similar sticker price and better fuel economy and an up market 6 speed auto my fully loaded top of the line pilot 4 wheel drive touring with DVD comes to 40000 995 and garner’s an EPA estimated 16 MPG city and 22 highway. Both it and the Chevy are excellent choices in this class with the pilot warming more of the traditional SUV buyer.