Replacement of windows, repair of the Audi stove.

Audi stove

Audi stoveThe car is a complex set of units, systems and components, many of which are closely interlinked with each other. One of the most sensitive elements of the car is glass. When you bounce, hit of the stones it cracks or shatters into small fragments. Currently replacement of Audi glass is made by bonding with a special sealant.

Reduce the risk of glass damage we can through their reservation. To do this on their inner surface extremely durable transparent film is glued that protects them from various external influences and reduces the need for replacement of Audi glass. Even with the bounce by stone glass does not scatter, but remains on the film.

Repair of the stove Audi seems to be something insignificant to many motorists. However, when inside the car it gets cold, the engine is overheating and the oil resource is reduced, the owners of cars begin to worry. Immediately they hurry to the car service, which carries out repair of Audi stove, although damage could have been prevented. To do this, you need only timely carry out preventive maintenance of the cooling system, on which depends not only ride comfort but also the resource of engine work.