Chrysler 2006 Town And Country Headlight Replacement

Okay you too today I’m going to be changing an HID Headlight out of the 2006 Chrysler town and country you take is to a dealership and they’ll tell you it’s going to cost about $450 to get this replaced but it’s actually very easy and you can do it in about 5 minutes there is another video online about this the 2006 Chrysler town and country Headlight but it is a great article because it shows you that you can be done but among emission give you a couple more visual things you can look at just can’t see what he was talking about but.

2006 chrysler town and country headlight assemblyAren’t like that if there’s. If you look down here. You’re gonna see a few different wires it’s actually your high beams and your fog lights and then there’s that other wire that kind of runs right there which goes back which I thought that was to the actual just regular had like that actually goes to a. Your blinker so leave that alone. So what you’re looking for is essentially this black. Matt thank you guy. This big. Black thanks in it taps over. Try to get down there if I can. The caps over that whole and to the left of that will serve a whole and if you see that clip. Our skin darkened right there. So that clip right there net silver part is essentially.

That goes around on the bottom like that it’s really easy it just kind of comes and. It comes undone like that. No opens up which you ought to take this and put it on your new bald but again once you do that issue just clip in and then again plug. Plug the Headlight ball back into their into the balanced part to it and then you should be able the go in again kinda. One angle like that then you should be able to in a clockwise click in and that should be yeah but again armed swat afforded $50 at a dealership and hopefully this will save you a bit of money alright eula so that’s it that’s the finished products 2006 chrysler town and country headlight assembly.

Since good to go no longer pink which is where it started out as. And again really easy try to save yourself 400 and some dollars by not going to the dealership but yet you can pick up at like Riley’s for 85 Bucks the balls are pretty expensive but I mean you can do this yourself in 5-10 minutes and like I said so much money so hope that helps.