The electric power steering.

The electric power steeringIntroduced in the 1950s, power steering so changed the lives of motorists, that without it the car is already perceived in the literal sense a relic of the past. In this case, if we follow the development of amplifiers, it becomes clear that their main function is, in fact, remains unchanged. As before, the amplifier serves as a “biceps”, making the rotation steering easy and effortless occupation even for fragile girl. And if we compare the electric power with hydraulic amplifier in this perspective, the difference between them is absent at all. So why car companies began to abandon the ubiquitous “aged” booster in favor of newfangled “Energy” as electro-booster?

The simplicity and compactness of design. Indeed, in this case, hydraulic isn’t helping to turn the wheel, but electric motor does it. It means that you can refuse the additional body kit steering hoses mechanism, pump and tank. In addition, thanks to the small size electric motor can be place directly on the steering column or on the pinion and on the rail itself.