Car cleaners, how to choose?

Car cleanersThe main rule is: the more power of car cleaners is, so better is the quality of the harvest.
Car cleaners are divided into storage, and those who work from the cigarette lighter. Cordless cleaners are generally less powerful and are not able to thoroughly clean the interior of the vehicle (maximum of them – is a small speck of dust and ashes). Battery lasts no more than 20 minutes.

The passenger compartment has plenty of nooks crannies in which to get by a vacuum cleaner is almost unreal. To this end, the bundle includes a variety of nozzles which allow to remove the trash under the seats or between the pedals.

Some models of cleaners have the function of wet cleaning, for example, for cleaning carpets with melted snow in the cabin. However, do not count on the fact that the car vacuum cleaner will also qualitatively carry out their duties as a full-fledged home vacuum cleaner.

Low-power and low-cost cleaners are not able to perform high quality cleaning in the car, so save on the power of the vacuum cleaner is not necessary.